Parker Percussionist and Senior Aleo Esparza Wins Young Artists Award

Senior Aleo Esparza recently earned more recognition for his excellence in music when he received the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award!

Each year “20 driven and committed pre-collegiate musicians” receive this award, which helps defray  the costs of transitioning to college in the next year. Specifically, the award “will support Aleo in purchasing the percussion instruments and mallets he will need for college and in his professional career. The scholarship funds will also aid in covering upcoming college audition travel costs.”

Further, this award will allow Esparza to participate in From the Top’s Learning and Media lab where he will attend a four-week program, plan and implement community engagement and record an appearance on the NPR radio program “From the Top.”

Join us in congratulating Esparza for this tremendous achievement!

Click here to learn more about Esparza.
Click here for Esparza’s time on From the Top.
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