Ink Blot Paintings and Reed Sculptures Are on Display

In Lower School art classrooms, students explore art as a natural extension of learning and play. In their work together, teacher Anne Blasko introduces students to multiple techniques and artists from around the world as she guides them in exploring materials in both two and three dimensions.

After exposing her students to  Shinique Smith’s fabric sculptures and abstract paintings, Natvar Bhavsar’s exploration of color in his paintings and Cy Twombly’s signature energetic scribbles, Blasko asked them to create some masterpieces of their own in response to what they had seen.

Students in grades 1–3 each created an Ink Blot Collage Painting by first spray-painting a colorful background, then pushing a flat marble with a pastel stick to create a random line. Next, they used black ink to create an ink blot drawing and then glued down fabric and patches to adorn their artwork.

Blasko also led her charges in a creative process that involved using corrugated plastic, bent wet reeds, beads and paint to create unique reed sculptures inspired by the work of artists Sopheap PichMartin Puryear and Nathalie Miebach.

The products of these creative adventures are currently on display in the Kupcinet gallery.

Enjoy a sampling of student work here.
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